Baby...Now What!

She prepared for her birth for months but was really struggling with her transition into motherhood. The fatigue, the exhaustion was taking a toll. She needed air, she needed some light.

Many mothers can feel this way and there are some wonderful tools and techniques that can help with mothers feeling confident, rested, and attached to their babies. HypnoMothering™ offers mothers a short, one day class to learn those techniques to promote the feeling of rest and so much more. The basis of the class is hypnosis.

We know what hypnosis is as defined here. Because it is a relaxed state it is very useful for mothers. It is great for sleep by making the most of every minute in your short time of relaxation. It can be used to affirm and enhance the wonderful, positive experiences the mother has with falling in love with her baby. Overtime for those moms who struggle with instincts, hypnosis can help with fostering those maternal instincts.

Peace On Birth offers this very important class because of the overlooked number one complication of childbirth and pregnancy, perinatal mood disorders. The tools offered in the class can be of great benefit to mothers struggling with postpartum depression or anxiety along with their other treatments.  The class is for mothers only and it is a time to share and learn. It is a time to honor you where you are at and the wonderful mother you are and the mother you are becoming each and every day. Mothering is a unique and individual experience and for every new mom it is a journey of uncharted territory that can bring anxiety, fears and doubts. The hope we have for you is to clear the path to help you in having the most beautiful journey into motherhood.

Find your breath, clear your head, warm your heart.

Encouraging a gentle transition into motherhood to reduce stress, anxiety and fear

Encouraging a gentle transition into motherhood to reduce stress, anxiety and fear