Power of Affirmation

Affirmation = the act of showing a strong belief or dedication in something; to show that something is true in a confident way.

Affirmations are important for the pregnant woman and the new mother. They help affirm her belief in herself and the process. Affirmations can bring something of fear or something negative to the woman's subconscious mind and turn it into something positive and strong.

An example would be a mother going in for an ultrasound late in pregnancy. The ultrasound technician tells the mother her baby is big. Mother is now fearing the birth of a big baby. Instead of growing fear and allowing the anxiety and tension to set in, the mother can affirm herself frequently with, "My body grows a perfect sized baby that I can birth easily. I see my body opening easily, and smoothly for my baby. My baby's head molds to the size of my pelvis and descends easily."

By taking the negative thought, idea, emotion and turning it to something positive is helpful for a mother as she learns to relax and prepare her mind and body for birthing her baby. A mom doesn't only have to use this technique while pregnant, but she can use this technique as a new mother or even a mother with older children. Some affirmations as she is growing in the transition of new mothering could be, " I have everything I need to meet the needs of my baby. My love for my baby is blossoming every day. I am brave enough to ask for and accept the help when and if I need it."

Affirm yourself and your desires. It is easy and can make a world of difference for your mind and your body.