Who is HypnoBirthing For?

Who is HypnoBirthing For?

Truthfully....anyone even if they aren't expecting. There are things to learn to help with everyone. I had a recent student who used some of the techniques for helping him with his Wim Hof cold exposure training

But, I realize most people are here because they are going to have a baby and heard about this hypno thing. HypnoBirthing - The Marie Mongan Method is the Gold standard original and is perfect for those mothers who wish for:

1)Birth without fear 

2) Birth without pain relieving drugs

3) Vaginal Birth

4) Cesarean Birth

5) Calm Birth

6) A class that isn't scary

7) Birth based on instincts

8) Birth as the best parent, not the best patient

9) Empowering themselves to be the decision maker

10) A class outside of the hospital.

HypnoBirthing  - The Marie Mongan Method is simple and taught in a series of 5 classes. It prepares a woman for her labor and birth but also helps her to trust her own instincts and teaches her how to be the best parent and involved in decision making. This is something she can carry on with her through parenting. 


I put all fear aside as Iprepare for thebirth of my baby.jpg