HypnoBirthing - DISCLAIMER

HypnoBirthing - The Marie Mongan Method book is not a substitution for the childbirth education classes. 


What sold me on HypnoBirthing - The Marie Mongan Method when I was pregnant, with my first, was not my midwife's recommendation. It was reading the book. It spoke to me and what I wanted for myself and my baby. It was easy to read and helped me affirm that I had nothing to fear about birth.  So I decided to take the 5 week HypnoBirthing classes taught by a local gold seal certified HypnoBirthing instructor and cancel going to Bradley classes.

So why did I take the HypnoBirthing classes?

The book and the 5 week HypnoBirthing course is not the same!

1. HypnoBirthing Techniques

The techniques covered in the book are helpful but not helpful enough for me to get a good perspective on the physical nature of them. The class covers these techniques more in depth and also we discuss when they can be used and more. 

2. Repetition

Dr. Bruce Lipton states that “The conscious (the creative) mind is the seat of your wishes and desires and the subconscious mind (the habitual mind) relates to your emotions, values, beliefs and habits. They don’t learn in the same way and that’s where many of our problems come from. Reading a self-help book, going to a lecture and watching a video are all creative, so we can educate our conscious minds very quickly. The subconscious mind doesn’t want to be changed so easily, and that’s a good thing. It learns in a state of hypnosis or by repetition.”

The KEY here is repetition. To assist our subconscious minds to change, having the information presented in the book taught to us again (a few times) further moves what we learn from our creative minds to our subconscious mind. 

3. Questions

The HypnoBirthing classes in Northern Virginia by Peace On Birth, are taught by a nurse,HypnoBirthing doula and mother of three. Classes provide the time and supportto ask the questions you need. Questions to assist you on what to expect, the ins and outs of several birthing facilities and so much more. Not to mention tips and tricks provided by the instructor too in addition to all the other phenomenal ones. 

4. Visualization

The classes provide excellent videos to assist in a mother seeing herself on her birthing day and what it may look like. These videos are not just any birth videos you may find on You Tube. They are beautiful, amazing and very different from what most people have seen or witnessed. These videos are what convinced my husband to have a HypnoBirthing experience. Prior to that he couldn't understand why I wanted to birth the way I did.

HypnoBirthing classes offer so much more than the book and Peace On Birth provides couples in the Northern Virginia area  an amazing HypnoBirthing education experience.