Meghan Markle Chooses Instinctive Birth

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The Duchess of Sussex is said to be preparing for a natural birth with the help of HypnoBirthing and a doula to support her and Harry.

The Duchess has been around the natural and calm way of life with her mother being a yoga instructor. It is has been said from various sources she enjoys acupuncture, yoga and more to help her live a balanced healthy life. When it comes to making decisions for her and her baby, it appears she is following in the footsteps of Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine. Although, there is speculation if she will have a home birth or birth in the hospital. The majority of royalty have birthed at home, up until Princess Diana, who birthed in a hospital, followed by Kate.

Should we say Meghan is following her instincts? Perhaps she knows what she needs and she obviously has her own birthing philosophy. She is smart to gather a team and educate herself on the best outcomes for her philosophy of birth. HypnoBirthing is all about following your instincts, figuring out your philosophy, and using techniques to help you stay calm, and relaxed during birth. HypnoBirthing brings more awareness to a woman’s instincts. For most women in pregnancy the thing that interferes is our minds and that is easily influenced by the negative. HypnoBirthing encourages the positive and one of the most vital aspects of that is hiring a team who supports you all the way.

I know Meghan will have an amazing birth, with an amazing team. With HypnoBirthing, no matter what turn her birthing may take, she will be calm and relaxed as participate in this wonderful celebration of life. I can’t wait to see first pictures. Congratulations Prince Harry and Meghan.

Do you wish you could birth just like Meghan? HypnoBirthing is available to any woman who wishes to have a calm, relaxing, joyful birthing. You don’t need to be royalty to HypnoBirth. Contact us today and check out our class dates HERE for more information.