When to take HypnoBirthing Classes!

It is best to have an idea of your childbirth education plans once you are in your second trimester. With HypnoBirthing being a 5 week series I get this question asked a lot. When is it best to take the HypnoBirthing course?

To be honest, with some variables, it is usually best to complete the course a few weeks or even a month or two before your birthing time. However, even mothers who have attended the class up to their due dates have had amazing births. So what are the variables to consider?

Learning Style

Some people learn things quickly and others need more review. If you are the type who needs more review you will want to be in a class that ends a month or more from your birthing time. This will allow you to read the book more than once and really get into your routine of mind preparation for birth with the HypnoBirthing tools and techniques.

Those who learn quickly can probably take the course without much break from the last class to their birth month. However, you must be diligent in your practice right off the bat. Which brings me to my next point.


Do you jump right in or do you simmer a bit? If you are able to begin using the techniques immediately that are taught in the first several classes and stick to a new routine you can wait till later in pregnancy.

If you are the type you need to simmer for various reasons, for example, finish the book first and then start the techniques, or whatever. Give your self a month to get into that routine and perfect it.

Sometimes a personality desires the pressure to get things done so taking the classes towards pregnancy end will have you feeling the pressure to prepare.


For many, many mothers it is a matter of scheduling. Whether it is their work schedule, travel schedule, their spouses schedule, etc. Even if you are super diligent and a quick learner you may need to take the class earlier on for scheduling purposes. Or maybe you wait till you are on maternity leave or on travel restrictions for work. This is a very common issue that brings mothers to my class early second trimester or late third trimester.


What is your heart and mind telling you when to take the course? In HypnoBirthing we encourage following your instincts and doing what is best for you and your baby, which is why HypnoBirthing can be a wonderful course to take during any time in pregnancy. Take some time to give careful thought to when you feel it is best for you to take the course and Peace On Birth will be more than happy to have you an a wonderful group class or assist you with private in home instruction.