Our HypnoMotherIng Classes

As parents, we understand exactly how difficult it can be to serve as a provider and mentor for our own children, it naturally wasn't designed to be an easy task. However, by using similar principles found in our HypnoBirthing Course and reapplying them to the parenting realm, we can provide you and your family a gentler transition into motherhood.

HypnoMothering is a single session, 2.5 hours long and makes an excellent addition to your HypnoBirthing education. This fun practical session is for MOMS ONLY! You will learn self hypnosis techniques specifically targeted to challenges new moms face. 

The class covers everything from making the most of limited sleep, enhancing bonding, developing maternal instincts, finding focus and mindfulness amidst the myriad of feelings that come with being a new mother. Offering special classes for the expectant mother and mothers who have had their babies. 

Katie Tolbert, a certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator and Professional Doula teaches this class passionately. She brings a sense of passion unlike most as she experienced firsthand the difficulty of postpartum depression. Upon learning of HypnoMothering, she decided to become a certified instructor so new moms can gain the helpful tools and knowledge to help them through a gentle transition into motherhood. We invite you to join us as a HypnoBirthing mother or a mother with no experience with HypnoBirthing.

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