Placenta Encapsulation

Balance * energy * healing

Placenta Encapsulation, while nothing new, is growing in popularity as more and more women are finding wonderful benefits to it as they transition from pregnancy to postpartum. 

Strong anecdotal research has shown that there are wonderful benefits to encapsulation. Some of those benefits include: 

  • Balanced hormone transition that supports mood health and stablization

  • Healthy lactation support for breastfeeding mothers

  • Decrease in postpartum bleeding

  • Boost in energy

  • Improved recovery period for mother


Katie Tolbert RN, HBCE, PPS provides excellent care and support to mothers with her placenta services. She brings a wonderful postpartum experience to mothers and takes pride in her placenta standards. Providing encapsulation with a traditional method of steaming and dehydrating, along with long lasting tinctures and salves a mother will have what she desires to heal after the birth of her baby.

Placenta Encapsulation services begin from $289. Katie only processes in the client’s home to better ensure safety and guarantee of client’s placenta.





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